a red tulip and pink tulip in full bloom amidst rain illuminated by the sun

A group of incarcerated men sitting at round tables in a large room for a painting class on gratefulness practices
Stories of Grateful Living

Unexpected Grace and Gratitude in Prison

by Brooke Rothshank
In this story of Grateful Living, studio artist Brooke Rothshank reflects on finding perspective and…
Bright Lights/Young Lives

Bright Lights/Young Lives: Jamarr

by The Grateful Living Team
In this short video, Jamarr Hall shares his story of finding gratefulness through everyday moments,…
A middle-aged woman sitting on the beach looking out at the ocean

Miracle of Being

by Green Renaissance
In this moving short film, Christy Bragg shares her story of shifts in perspective amidst…
Grateful Voices

Grateful Voices: Claire

by The Grateful Living Team
In this short film, Claire shares her story of deafness, defiance, grit, and gratitude.

Just Be Nice

by Green Renaissance
“You are walking this life. Make sure that you leave beautiful steps behind,” says Morné…
a wooden dock juts out over a calm lake surrounded by green trees

Stop Being a Glass. Become a Lake.

by Carrie Newcomer
In such troubled times, it can feel as if the world has poured a handful…

Truly Wealthy

by Green Renaissance
In this video, Obert Jongwe beautifully illustrates how to find the opportunity in a given…
A person looking up with curiosity

Daily Questions: Our Invitation to Mystery

by The Grateful Living Team
Returning to the magic and mystery of questions as a daily practice, we continually open…
Stories of Grateful Living

Falling Towards Home

by Eric Alan
Every life stream’s course always reaches its destination, however tumultuous its path along the way.…
shadow of window and blinds on a dark wall with a silhouetted house plant


by Ross Gay
A powerful essayette from Ross Gay's The Book of Delights.
Community Reflections

Community Reflections: Savoring the Day

by The Grateful Living Community
"Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from…
woman in beige sweater standing by brown foliage

Waking Up to What Is: Grateful in the Face of It All

by Kristi Nelson
The ability to wake up to another new day — one with which we will…
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