a red tulip and pink tulip in full bloom amidst rain illuminated by the sun

A woman with her head out of a car window and her hair floating in the wind

The Grateful Life Is a Liberated Life

by Joe Primo, Grateful Living
This essay shares how fear limits your perspective and how living gratefully offers a liberating…
A photo of sand falling out of a hand in front of a backdrop of water

Awakening to Life Beyond Perfection

by Joe Primo, Grateful Living
This guided visualization invites you to envision today as your last day, gathering the expectations…
Silhouetted group of people standing and looking at night sky with bright stars

Radical Belonging in an Age of Othering

by Joe Primo, Grateful Living
This essay invites us to consider whether we are sick from loneliness or from not…
An older man hugging a dog with text that reads, "Heaven on Earth"

Heaven on Earth

by Reflections of Life
"Being grateful for everything that's happened...the good and the bad...shifts my perspective. It moves me…
A bee on a purple and yellow flower, amidst others

The Ordinary is Extraordinary: Guided Meditation

by The Grateful Living Team
This short meditation offers an invitation to walk through your days taking nothing for granted,…
A woman holding a plant in her hand and looking off into the distance with text that reads "Fascinated by Nature"

Fascinated by Nature

by Reflections of Life
"The world that I dream of is the one that we’ve got because I think…
Water droplets on bare tree branches sparkling in the morning sun


by James Crews
It’s a shiver that climbs the trellisof the spine, each tingle a bright whitemorning glory…
Young man wearing a straw hat looks up to the right at a butterfly sitting on the brim of his hat with text overlay that reads "To Live Simply"

To Live Simply

by Reflections of Life
In this short film, Christopher Leow shares the pain and disorientation of leaving behind the…
Overhead view of person wearing Converse sneakers standing on a stone surrounded by fall leaves on the ground
Stories of Grateful Living

Gratitude Lists Didn’t Work For Me

by Andrea Gibson
In this Story of Grateful Living, Andrea Gibson shares their story of learning to be…
Woman looking off to the side while standing with her back facing a lake
Stories of Grateful Living

Holding Grief and Gratitude

by Alex Elle
In this Story of Grateful Living, Alex Elle reflects on experiencing gratitude amidst grief and…
Headshot of a Black man standing outside under the share of a tree
Bright Lights/Young Lives

Bright Lights/Young Lives: Greg

by The Grateful Living Team
In this short video, Greg Corbin shares his story of expressing gratefulness through relationships and…
A young woman in a long white dress practicing yoga in an overgrown field between two industrial buildings.
Bright Lights/Young Lives

Bright Lights/Young Lives: Jade

by The Grateful Living Team
In this short video, Jade Javon shares her story of practicing gratefulness through the peaks…
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