This is a joyful, light piece with a beautiful reminder about perspective. Bestselling author Glennon Doyle (Love WarriorUntamed) responds to suggestions from readers and viewers that she needs to re-do her kitchen. With humor and poignancy, she describes how she sees her kitchen as truly magical and full of love, even without a subway tile backsplash! The floor may be outdated, but it’s perfect for the primary kitchen activity of dancing! 

When you find yourself pressured (by yourself or others) to update your house, wardrobe, or other material aspects of your life, what happens if you pause first to consider the extraordinariness of what you already have? By building in this intentional reflection, how are your subsequent actions changed? Even when you decide to go ahead with that makeover or purchase, how is your experience of it enhanced by having first considered the abundance of what you already have?

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