In thanksgiving for life, I pledge to overcome FEAR by seeing in what I might otherwise fear, the opportunity to cultivate courageous TRUST IN LIFE and so to lay the foundation for a peaceful future.

Let these words settle into your whole being. When you feel complete with your meditation on the pledge, deepen your exploration with the following reflections and practice suggestions.

  • This commitment may feel like a challenge to many of us. We may ask ourselves, “How can we trust in life when there is so much, it seems, to rightfully fear?” What inner wisdom might help answer this question for you?
  • We all know that there are situations and people in the world that/who are not worthy of our trust. How then is having trust in life different from trusting everyone with whom you come in contact?
  • Being fearful can lead us to be on the look-out for what might go wrong, reinforcing our sense that the world is a frightening place. To counteract this, make a practice of noting what is going right: sunshine, a job well done, a hug from a friend, the ability to receive email. Notice how this practice can soften fear.
  • Can you identify something in your life of which you are fearful that you can venture toward and learn more about? How does understanding help us to be less fearful?
  • How could letting go of fear and cultivating more courageous trust bring you, and/or others, more peace?
  • Commit to looking for opportunities to trust in life and to explore fear so that we may contribute to a more peaceful future.

Should you be inspired, please leave a reflection below…

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Enjoy the full five-day In Thanksgiving for Life practice.