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We often refer to conversation about the weather as “small talk,” but weather is a powerful guiding force in our lives that invites humility, awe, and gratitude. Consider the wonder all forms of weather can offer in a given day: the rhythmic tapping of rain, the ever-changing landscapes of various forms of clouds, the invigorating energy of wind, the magnificent power of storms, the radiant warmth of sunlight from a star millions of miles away…


Throughout your day, gently open up to the full experience of weather. Sense the way it influences your experience and stay open to surprise for any shifts in both the weather itself and in your experience. Observe any resistance or disappointment you may feel about the conditions, and try to savor even those elements that may feel uncomfortable, welcoming the splendor and opportunities that “bad” weather might offer. When you find yourself experiencing the weather, say, “Wow, thank you.” Notice how this practice makes you feel in your body, observing any sensations or emotions that arise.

How does unconditionally appreciating the weather impact you?

What can you learn from loving the weather as it is?

Should you be inspired, please leave a reflection below…

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This practice is inspired by Mary Jean Irion’s sublime meditation A Normal Day. Explore the full seven-day A Normal Day practice.