Whether I’m looking at a human hand or looking at the galaxies of shooting stars or the flight of a bird…something marvelous is going on and I’m part of it. We’re all part of it!” ~ Harold Feinstein

Writer Diane Ackerman says that when the sun goes down, so does the veil that keeps us ignorant (or forgetful) of our true origin: the cosmos. Nothing sparks wonder (both our awe and curiosity) like staring up at that twinkling infinity and pondering the startling fact of our existence. 

Invitation for Practice

Invite yourself to stay up later or get up earlier than you normally might to behold the night sky. Stand, sit, or lie down somewhere quiet where you can comfortably gaze up and into the sky above. If you’re unable to view the night sky, you might visualize it, perhaps inspired by a memory or a picture. Take a few soft breaths and connect with the cosmos that holds our precious planet. What do you notice — inside of you and above you? You could experiment with identifying stars, planets, and constellations with the help of a book or an app. What arises for you when you take in the vastness of the universe to which we belong? You might read Rebecca Elson’s poem “Antidotes to Fear and Death” for additional inspiration.

We invite you to share your reflections in the space below the author bio.

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Fabiana Fondevila is a writer and teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her latest book, “Where Wonder Lives: Practices for Cultivating the Sacred in Your Daily Life” was published in February 2021. Fabiana teaches online workshops and seminars on living a life of awe and radical aliveness. You can learn more about her offerings at FabianaFondevila.com. She is also a founding member of Vivir Agradecidos, our organizational partner in Argentina.

Image by Eidy Bambang Sunaryo/Unsplash