They wait patiently beside my bed
Agreeable twin sentries, ready for duty.
They know me so well – the darkened imprint of heels and each toe worn into the
balding fleece.
They are the first thing my feet search for in the morning,
Grounding and protection for my midnight shuffles to the loo.
They are the comfort I seek when I return from the day’s labors,
The ones I turn to as I cast off heels, polished leather, buckles and laces.
They carry the stains and flaws of familiarity- a splash of iced coffee, a drip of
The teething marks of a puppy now grown.
They have logged hundreds of miles but rarely leave home, these slippers of mine.
Once I forgot and wore them to choir practice.
I sang well that night.

Posted with kind permission of the author.

This ode was among more than 100 responses to our invitation to write an ode to an “ordinary thing.” We share it here with delight and gratitude.