Only I know, only I
the light softly dancing over the
canopy of trees.
Falling softly across the
dew filled grass,
moving up to my window
as the minutes tick past.
Yes, only I see,
For the house yet,
it sleeps.
The dreamers dream while the
soft light caresses.
The day starts to glow
as the night, she undresses.
The cardinals call out
In sheer ecstasy
I share the same song as
They sing it to me
We give ourselves fully,
No other above her
My joy rolling down my face,
Early mornings are my lover.

Posted by kind permission of the author.

This ode was among more than 100 responses to our invitation to write an ode to an “ordinary thing.” We share it here with delight and gratitude.

Nicki Hayes

Nicki Hayes

About the author

Nicki Hayes, mother of 4, chronic head shaving fund-raiser, driven to do as much as possible during this Earth time so I can have one kick ass Life Review afterwards. John Wesley speaks to my heart: Do All The Good You Can, By All The Means You Can, In All The Ways You Can, In All The Places You Can, At All The Times You Can, To All The People You Can, As Long As Ever You Can.