Where is your ghost this Halloween?
Others float along the street, ringing
doorbells,  trick or treat.

Imagination makes me soar!
Is your face out there somewhere
behind a mask? Would you let me

touch your hand, hear your voice inside
my ear, raise goose bumps without a
fear?  Would you beg a Hershey bar,

hold out your bag without a touch,
leave disguises all in place, play the
disappearing act, like Houdini in a box?

Goblins hit the street tonight in
early autumn dark. Gremlins shuffle
under lights, pumpkins wrestle

with false faces, fairies trip on
trailing skirts, hoboes lean against
a tree, set to fill their bags with loot.

But where are you inside this night?
Allhollow’s Eve should hold
your likes, a man now ghost.

Are you that shadow on a moving branch,
the gust of wind that just undid my hair?
Reach out your hand, are you there? 


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Posted by kind permission of Joyce Holmes McAllister
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