We are living now

our regrets and our failures,

the ache of what we

wish could be again,

now while we have it.

We are living now

with the ghosts of those

we love, in their corporality,

while they have bodies

of flesh, their desires ahead

rather than behind.

We are living now with

the opportunities to change,

to make amends, to

kiss the preciousness

which life has placed here

in our hands.

We are living now

with what we still may

become, with what we are

as we hold our hands

before us in the sunlight.

We are living now

with all we have lost,

that will never come again,

that our tears wash

in the desire to hold one

more time, now, while

in this moment they are ours.

Posted by kind permission of the poet. All rights reserved.

Richard Wehrman

Richard Wehrman

About the author

An award-winning illustrator, graphic designer and poet, Richard lives in rural Upstate New York. He is an artist who found his way to poetry through the language and heart teachings of two 13th and 14th-century Persian poets. His works explore the spiritual and psychological aspects of living an embodied life.