Wherever you are, be there. Take up space. Occupy the full dimension. 
Unfold the map of your body. Celebrate its topographical wonder,
its unpredictable weather. Make a pool of your movements, then swim
through the ripples, parting the room with your footsteps. Make no apology
for the squeak of your soles, how your jacket swishes at your thighs, that the dust
is making you sneeze. Consider it all a kind of orchestra, you tuning the keys,
you lifting the horn of your whole self to the air. Let the notes of you blast out,
at a register and speed that won’t leave you hungry or empty. Let anyone hear, 
as they walk by with their shoulders up, pretending not to listen. Wherever you are,
remember why you are here: to sing.

Listen to the poem:

Posted by kind permission of the poet.
Photo by Efe Kurnaz

Maya Stein

Maya Stein

About the author

Maya Stein is a Ninja poet, writing guide, and creative adventuress. She has kept a weekly short-form poetry practice, “10-line Tuesday” since 2005, and facilitates writing workshops in person and online. After a 7-year stint in suburban New Jersey, she is now happily ensconced in the wilds of mid-coast Maine, in a house named Toad Hall. Connect with her at mayastein.com. (Photo by Chris Battaglia)