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  1. c

    hmmm– to truly practice kindness in all its colours, to gain the heart mind of bodhichitta and renunciation

    1 year ago
  2. E

    My great aspirations for how I want to be in this life is to continue being myself.

    1 year ago
  3. P
    Peter Dukesz

    The most important thing that I can strive for is authenticity. For me, life is a spiritual striving to uncover and live the depth inside of me…and to look for and cherish the depth inside of those I interact with.

    1 year ago
  4. Robin Ann

    Wow that is a very big question! Since it is my son’s 30th birthday today, I will say my hopes and dreams for over 30 years have been centered around my 2 children. They are my everything! I am and have been a helicopter Mom which I never knew this phrase until maybe 8 years ago!
    I hope and try to be a huge support to them. I have learned this from the best (my parents)! I also strive and have been for my friends and family in my life time.

    1 year ago
  5. O.Christina

    If I could find words like you, Don Jones… thank you for your reply. It pretty much says it how I want to be in this life, too. How to express it with own words? Alive and awake, YES. to be in the moment – YES! So beautiful expressed – to walk headlong into mystery, YES! So much! to transcend the physical, to be creative as far as I am able to, YES! to be free to do so, to laugh, to be happy alone and with others, to love and be loved. To be there for my fellow people, for friends and loved ones – of course, YES! To collect the broken pieces and to be the gold veins of the renewed vessel – how can one express it more creative, humble, vivid and beautiful? I would love to join you in all of this, dear Don. I hope you don´t mind that I cite mostly of your post. I really mean it.

    1 year ago
  6. Elaine

    A good question in this moment as I start a time of retreat.
    I want to BE:
    Deepening into the fullness of myselF
    A loving partner, a good friend, positive citizen
    Wise and discerning.
    Free to throw caution to the wind!

    1 year ago
  7. Don Jones

    Fully alive, transcending the limitations of physicality, and fully awake. To be the gold veins in this life like the gold veins of a Kintsugi bowl, that is, something that is so much more than the pre-broken state. To walk headlong into the mystery. Unfold a level of creativity for beauty and oneness. Surfing the wave of present to wherever the energy flows. And, smile all the way.

    1 year ago
  8. pkr

    Right now I want to be in a state of equanimity. I want to be the calm in the storm, the change. I want to be peaceful & balanced. I want to be accepting & embrace the ups & downs.
    I want to embrace the impermanence & be at peace.

    1 year ago
  9. Antoinette

    My greatest hope is to be free from afflictions of the mind and be connected to Truth always.

    1 year ago
  10. Erich617

    Several years ago, I was quite upset–upset in general but also upset about a few things that had happened and something that was said. I could not let go of a single comment that someone had made. I posted about all my internal drama on this site, and I remember somebody replying simply, “I hope you find peace.”

    At the moment, I think my greatest hope would be that I find peace.

    1 year ago
    1. Antoinette

      Have you been able to let go of the comment ?
      Letting go of all of our afflictions of the mind are not easy and you are not alone !
      I appreciate you coming back here to be with us year after year ! Peace is what we all strive for. ( or many of us)

      1 year ago
      1. Erich617

        Thank you.
        I have most certainly let go of the comment. In fact, in thinking back on it, a friend of a friend whom I had met once said something on Facebook about a political election that set me off. I have not interacted with that person since. However, the friend who originally introduced me to this person has gotten married, had a child, moved across the country, and bought a house. I have had many changes in my life since then too.
        I saw a few things online just yesterday that were difficult for me to process–just some headlines, some opinions, some predictions. I think about everything that has happened since the post I mentioned some five years ago, and I realize how much easier letting go is.

        1 year ago
  11. Diane

    A new year and I am summoning up the courage to share as Spirit prompts me.
    Carol has expressed so beautifully what is the desire of my own heart….to be fully Present in the Presence. To “Be Here Now” as Ram Dass has taught….staying in the moment, each moment as it is gifted to me.

    Happy New Year lovely people. I have been following along silently for some time now and hope to become more of an active participant in this New Year.
    Om Shanti…peace, peace in our lives and in our world. 🙏

    1 year ago
  12. Barb C

    This is a very large question to ponder when I’m only on my second cup of coffee. Succinctly (for a change), I want to be kind, and to know that I’ve made a difference in the world.

    1 year ago
    1. Erich617

      From what I have heard here, I believe you have certainly made a difference in the world.

      1 year ago
      1. Barb C

        Thank you for this!

        1 year ago
  13. Carol

    I want to BE present and live in the present. I haven’t been very good at that. It’s taken years and years for me to see that my monkey mind has a tendency to jump from past to future way too much. These days I often stop my mind’s wanderings into the past and future when I change my mind’s questioning from ‘Who is God?’ to “Who am I?” My concept of a higher power has changed drastically with this process. I find that God needs me and you. When I can BE present to the Presence, alive in the NOW, I make wiser decisions. Another observation about today’s question: I find that there is a big difference between having ‘hope’ and having ‘hopes.’ I find that ‘hope’ helps me TO Be the person I was meant to be but ‘hopes’ often leave me disappointed because for the most part I find them ego driven. I remember catechism class as a child when we were taught that there is a difference between human and apostolic action. Human action seeks feel goods and rewards. Apostolic action often leads to discomfort and challenge. It took me many years to understand that teaching. All of that said, I shall never forget when my mentor (RIP) said “Have wishes for yourself and others. Wishes are non-threatening. So today, I don’t have aspirations and hopes. I have a wish that we all live in the NOW, that we all Practice the Presence. I’m fairly sure that could change the world for the better.

    1 year ago
    1. Diane

      Carol….your desire is mine. To live fully in the Present is not one of my strengths. My mind too pre-occupied with regrets about the past and anxieties about the future. I am very aware that this is not God’s desire for me.
      Thank you for sharing…it makes me feel less alone as I try to quiet the screeching monkey!
      I join with you in the WISH that we can all live in the NOW, with an awareness of the Presence of the Divine that lies within us all.
      ~Blessings 🙏

      1 year ago
  14. Michele

    I wanted to be kind, caring, loving, fun, crazy energy, and loyal.

    1 year ago
  15. Yram

    I want to be the person I want to be with. I want to be a person others want to be with. I strive to be kind, considerate, available, interesting and approachable.

    1 year ago
    1. Barb C

      Your striving list is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it.

      1 year ago
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