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  1. ryanmopo

    I got my second vaccine shot, so I will be able to see friends and do normal-ish things soon without fear of getting or spreading the virus!

    2 years ago
  2. k'Care-Reena

    HOW ARE YOU FORTUNATE ??How are we NOT !!! Everyday is another day to be the best version of yourself and live life based off of your purpose. I identify days as ” do overs” “chances”. There are a lot of us who are hard on ourselves and expect life to be hard while associating over working with success.

    THIS IS NOT TRUE, YOU HAVE TO HAVE DRIVE AND A PURPOSE IN LIFE to detect ALL the blessing and gifts you have. Ever looked for your glasses and its on your head? How about looking for your phone while you are on it? Yea thats the same thing:
    WE ARE LOOKING FOR FULFILLMENT, SUCCESS, HEALTH & HAPPINESS outside when the answer is WITHIN US…it is uncovering your TRUE SELF.

    2 years ago
  3. Malag

    How am I not? I am vertical today. My needs are met. I can share time with loved ones and help them. I live at a time when science has advanced so far that we have effective vaccines so quickly. If this had happened even 10 years ago it would have been grim.

    2 years ago
  4. Hot Sauce

    I am fortunate to have my animal companions, my family, plenty of clean food and water, and the wisdom I have gained over the years.

    2 years ago
  5. Kristi

    I have a family I love, a job, a house, friends, my health, and so much more. I am truly fortunate!

    2 years ago
  6. Tori

    I am fortunate to have my good health, my family in good health, a roof over my head, and people around me who are positive and loving. I am grateful for everyday of my life!

    2 years ago
  7. Michael Mac

    Grateful for good friends who appreciate me for who I am, and to those people who have been positive influences in my life.

    2 years ago
  8. Don Jones

    Fortunate to be aware – aware of Grace. And also to have a Kelpie dog in my life who, I am pretty sure, thinks I am the ant’s pants.

    2 years ago
    1. Holly in Ohio

      haha. Dogs are so special. 😀

      2 years ago
  9. Elaine

    By accident/miracle of birth I was born healthy and middle class in safe, sensible and splendorous postwar Canada.

    2 years ago
  10. Joy

    I feel it is already graced with fortune to be allowed to live in a western country with no war, no starving, no suffering of cold or lack of any basic needs while most of the world´s fellow people have to suffer greatly of most of these circumstances. I try to spare spending too much of water, food and energy, hoping the balance somehow may beat in favor of these people. I am fortunate to be able to share here, being able to use such a high tech tool like my computer while sitting in my heated flat. The evening sun conjures up a peaceful evening atmosphere before my fellow friends soon will arrive for drinking tea, for sharing of our lives and for meditating together. How can I be other than fortunate facing this richness?

    2 years ago
  11. Linda

    I have lived in a beautiful part of the country for many years. I have good friends and a caring family. My husband is a patient and loving man. I was able to retire this year and am enjoying the downtime for now. I have mostly good health and things to look forward to. I am indeed fortunate. Thank you for the question today. It is good to focus on the positive first thing in the morning!

    2 years ago
  12. John T

    In so many ways that it boggles the mind. I recently asked myself this question within the context of my “economic privileged” life and realized two major economic factors were primarily responsible. First, was my fathers access to the GI bill as a veteran of WW2 which allowed him to get an education. Second, was my great grandfather’s, on mothers side, access to the free land thru the Homestead Act. Both events significant changed the financial fortunes on both my mothers and fathers side of the family. These events were were largely denied to people of color by the way.

    2 years ago
  13. L

    I am fortunate to have a job that allows me to be financially secure. I am fortunate to be in good health. I am fortunate to have a partner who understands me and with whom I can share this life. I am fortunate to live in an area of the country where I enjoy pleasant weather year round. I am fortunate to be able to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Those are a few things that come to mind this morning.

    2 years ago
  14. Y

    This is my first time responding but a long time reader. I will say ditto to all the eye opening answers, except rowing. In a few days we will be able to travel from WI to NM. Fortunate or privileged? Probably both. I will absorb and appreciate the difference in weather and scenery as well as the people I will meet and depend on for my comfort. I am looking forward to new life being pumped into my being. Thank you everyone!

    2 years ago
    1. Holly in Ohio

      I’m glad you are adding your voice now, and hope you do often. A belated “welcome!”

      2 years ago
    2. Howie Geib

      It’s never too late to start rowing! Good to hear your voice. Have a safe journey.

      2 years ago
  15. s

    I just feel fortunate in every way. Of course, I must admit I might not feel this every second of every day – we all have our ups and downs and I have certainly had my share of downs, but in general, I can feel blessed by how fortunate I am. I have reasonable health, I grew up in a wonderful family who taught me well, developing my values, interests, skills, self confidence…..and am now married to a (usually!!) wonderful man. I live in the most beautiful place and get out and enjoy nature – so important to me. I have a nice house, a good job which I (mostly!) enjoy, lovely music to listen to, books to read, my Faith, enough food, money, clothes…
    When I come to put it all down, I feel overwhelmed by how fortunate I am.
    To sum it up – I am alive, loved and loving. What more could anyone want?

    2 years ago
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