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  1. Carla

    Too often I multi task. I’m aware of it. It led to the downfall of a past relationship that I’ll briefly share the history. When we had “those kind of talks” I would be making grocery or errand lists. In couple’s counseling the insight rose up—as a child my mom took in ironing “back in the day.” My 1:1 time w/mom was spent while she ironed. I do have to say, I felt she was listening to me. In my own adult relationship we needed to use the code “please stop ironing,” which meant- be there listening to my partner.

    3 months ago
    1. Carol

      Carla, My Mom washed and ironed other people’s clothes when I was a preschooler. Like you, I think my Mom did listen to me but she had to do it while she worked to supplement our income during challenging times. My husband and I had a code when one of us felt the other was ignoring him or her. The one feeling unseen or unheard would say, “I guess it’s my week to go to Little Rock!”

      3 months ago
  2. Don Jones

    By leaving yesterday where it belongs and stop trying to carry it into today.

    3 months ago
  3. O.Christina

    Meditiating, being in the moment, being present and listening wholeheartedly to the ones with me.

    3 months ago
  4. Charlie T

    Just like anything else. By practicing being
    present! I catch myself living in my inner
    world and the stories that repeat on an
    endless loop, and I return to my senses
    and this moment. This heartbeat. This
    breath. This sight, sound, smell, feeling,
    and this place.
    This is really what meditation is teaching me.
    To come back with tenderness and love.
    Without judgment or criticism.
    Just returning. Again and again.

    3 months ago
  5. Carol

    I have to remind myself often that I’m a human being not a human doing. Stop, look, go helps. Practicing mindfulness helps because the self-talk in my head can get very negative and definitely not life-giving. My monkey-mind fights meditation so I often do breath exercises and body scans to relax and release the tension. I call on my ancestors often and feel their presence and always my mantra is willingness.

    3 months ago
    1. Charlie T

      Amen, Carol. 🙏
      We are very much on the same page.

      3 months ago
  6. Yram

    If I am listening to someone, I will make sure my phone is silenced, my pen or book is down, and I turn toward the person.
    Not to multi-task.
    Stop, look, go.

    3 months ago
  7. Josie

    Be more attentive to my breathing.

    3 months ago
  8. Michele

    Stop. Look. Go.
    Taking deep breaths

    3 months ago
  9. Laura

    I can pause more often to notice my surroundings, who I’m with and what I’m doing. It’s all about the pause.

    3 months ago
  10. sunnypatti

    Focus on one thing at a time. Breathe.

    3 months ago
  11. Avril

    I could be succinct and say, “pay attention.” However, that would be no fun. This question causes me to contemplate a word I have employed a lot this year, discipline. Discipline with my practice, consistency with my meditation, and right-effort with my commitment to the belief that I can attain the highest high are the tinder for mindfulness–or being fully present. Presence–loving, patient, non-judgmental attention–is like a muscle, and it can be trained and atrophy without use.

    3 months ago
  12. J

    Recently, I took up drawing, sketching. And while I didn’t think of it in these terms there are many occasions while working on a particular image that the world around me sort of disappears. Some of my sketches work, others don’t, but the sense of transcendence is common, regardless.

    3 months ago
  13. Joseph McCann

    The 2nd definition fits this question for me, Capacity: the ability to contain, receive; or accommodate. I am not sure I am consciously trying to improve capacity to be in the present. I am becoming more aware that being in a state of presence has helped me tremendously. An example is when a problem arises that I can do nothing about in the present moment, I do not ignore the problem, nor do I catastrophize or future trip on the problem. I remember that if I bring myself to the present moment and realize that at this moment, I do not have that problem. This helps me to contain, receive and accommodate the present moment.

    3 months ago
  14. Butterfly

    When I focus on my breath I become calm and present. The trick is carrying that feeling throughout the day but my mind gets busy and I get restless and feel driven. It’s a work in progress!

    3 months ago
  15. EJP

    Letting go of the past and not dwelling on the future enables me to be more present.

    3 months ago
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