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  1. Nicki

    By showing up.

    10 months ago
  2. Cathie

    I care for myself when I participate in morning prayer, , meditate and practice yoga! Then I am ready and have filled my “tank” so to better care for my mom and those around me!

    10 months ago
    1. Malag

      Yes I like the “filling the tank” metaphor. I’m not effective to me or others when it’s empty.

      10 months ago
  3. mam_gigi

    I need to offer more patience and grace rather than judgment. Look for and point out the positives instead of seeing only flaws. This is both in myself and others. I can be overly critical, and I can also become resentful of others, sometimes by assuming their negative intent rather than the positives.

    10 months ago
  4. O.Christina

    For the moment being, it was listening and sharing with someone who is currently undergoing a lot of outside and inside change and emotional turmoil due to the loss of a close relative, and now I simply will take good care of myself and will go to bed (in a timely manner) 🙂

    10 months ago
  5. Don Jones

    Being aware:
    Of those things which are within my domain,
    And those that are not.
    For those within my domain,
    Be encouraging and nourishing (like watering the garden).
    But never seek to impose my will or views on others.
    For those things outside of my domain,
    Never play on the highway.

    10 months ago
  6. Mica

    By reminding myself that, if I get angry about something, I’m hurting myself, and my mind will work worse at dealing with the problem I’m angry about!

    10 months ago
  7. pkr

    Practicing kindness.

    10 months ago
  8. Jp

    The most beneficial thing I can do right now is work on filling myself up each and every morning. Filling myself with gratitude, love, peace, stillness, and the courage to have faith. In doing so is the only way I can ensure the spirit I wish to release to the universe is one of pureness and excellence.

    10 months ago
  9. c

    by taking steps to improve or expand my capacity for mindfulness, generosity, compassion, and patience.

    10 months ago
  10. Charlie T

    I care for myself by taking care of myself, and as for others, helping when I can, listening without judgment or projection.
    As for “showing” how I care for myself, I’m trying to keep these things I do, on the down low. I’ve noticed that when talking about this, I can see people think I’m judging them or it makes them feel awkward or maybe they think I’m bragging.
    When the reality is, I’m learning to do what is required for me to be in this world out of necessity.

    10 months ago
  11. Hot Sauce

    Right now, I am caring for myself by committing to running everyday. I am showing care for others right now by searching for temporary part-time employment so my parents are not burdened by my expenses.

    10 months ago
  12. Diane

    Such beautiful, thoughtful responses. There are so many practical ways we can care for others and it most assuredly starts with caring for ourselves first. (I’m reminded that when you are on an airplane you are instructed to put the oxygen mask on yourself first…only then can you help others). I can only add to all that has already been shared, that I am a deep believer in the power of prayer, especially meditative prayer. Years ago, I learned the loving-kindness prayer in the Buddhist tradition and I employ it often. You start by praying for yourself, then loved ones, aquaintances, those who are suffering in this world, and finally in a generous and sacred act of grace, you pray it for those who have wounded you. Sharing it with my gratitude. ♥
    “May I (he/she/they) be filled with loving-kindness.
    May I (he/she/they) be well
    May I (he/she/they) be peaceful and at ease
    May I (he/she/they) be happy and safe. “

    10 months ago
    1. Michele

      Thank you Diane for sharing the poem:)

      10 months ago
  13. Pilgrim

    Kindness all around.

    10 months ago
    1. Mica

      Thank you, dear Pilgrim – that’s the Dalai Lama’s ‘religion’. Warm wishes to you –

      10 months ago
    2. Diane

      Good morning Pilgrim: Yes…kindness is quite simply the answer. Have a blessed day friend ♥

      10 months ago
      1. Pilgrim

        Good morning, Diane. Thank you for the Buddhist prayer of kindness, and always for your wisdom. Blessings to you and your family, my friend!

        10 months ago
  14. Barb C

    At work, by scheduling vacation for myself that I don’t then undo by deciding meetings are more important than refreshing/recharging, and by encouraging the people on my team to do the same.

    By following through on some things that have dangled undone for far too long, which creates stress for others wondering what’s happening and stress for myself from knowing they’re still dangling. We’ll both get the gift of resolution and relief.

    10 months ago
  15. alara

    As I sit with the questions of late they seem to reveal layer upon layer that I have not seen. Sometimes it is daunting and overwhelming. (Just like the world that shouldn’t be but is).
    Then, I hear Br. David saying today is a gift; everything is a gift, today. I choose to accept this in my heart right now, and I move into my day..

    10 months ago
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