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  1. O.Christina

    That it is all wonder. To look much more carefully after it in every sense, food wise, being in nature, thought- and emotion-wise as well. Thank you for this question.

    1 year ago
  2. Robin Ann

    As the daughter of a nurse, I know the body requires a great deal of learning. Changes are constant as well as new medical findings. I hope and pray for those folks suffering from life threatening illnesses that cures will happen in my life time.

    1 year ago
  3. Don Jones

    That it is not just my head where intelligence lies. The body too is full of wisdom. The trick to being a fully-fledged human is to be fully integrated between head, heart and hands.

    1 year ago
  4. pkr

    My body is amazing. The human body is amazing & its ability to heal is a wonder. I must do better at feeding her all the “right stuff”. Give her a bit more respect as she does so much for me. ❤️

    1 year ago
  5. Diane

    “I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139 came immediately to mind.

    I have a graduate degree in the sciences and taught anatomy and physiology for several years…the more I learned and taught, the more I was inspired by the miracle and mystery of how our bodies are so exquisitely fashioned. For me there was never a conflict between science and faith…quite the opposite. Art, science and mystery is a fitting way to describe the miracle that is our bodies.
    As I continue to age, I am more and more grateful for this body and hope that I am growing in honoring this natural process of aging. My body does indeed speak to me these days!

    1 year ago
  6. luv-1-nutter

    That this material world is no place for a gentleman .. do your business and get out as quick as possible.

    1 year ago
  7. Barb C

    My body is teaching me that change is inevitable, and that clinging to the idea that something in the past was better is only a path to pain. It is teaching me not to judge myself and not to judge others based on outward appearance, which isn’t an accurate reflection of inner worth. It is teaching me how deeply embedded certain definitions of “beauty” are throughout our society and how much that disadvantages some and privileges others. It is also teaching me that it still has lots left to do for me even if it can’t do everything it used to, and for that I am grateful.

    1 year ago
  8. Charlie T

    Oh boy. At 59 years old, I’ve put my body
    through a lot. I’ve always known to take
    care of it, but I was never very consistent.
    As I’ve aged, I am getting better at listening
    to what it needs. I guess it has taught me
    to pay attention and be consistent. I’ve always
    been amazed at how resilient and at the
    same time how fragile my body is.

    1 year ago
  9. c

    My first orthopedic surgeon when I was 7 years old, held this same view of the human body. He taught me about healing, that it comes from within and requires imagining and appreciating the inherent beauty of a physical body; feeling into that beauty is essential to healing as much as possible. Interestingly until I reflected upon this question I remember that I often forget this lesson.
    In reference to the word of the day ‘”When we are brave enough to sit with our pain, it deepens our ability to sit with the pain of others. It shows us how to love them.” -Valarie Kaur, he also taught me to sit with my physical pain in place of medications as pain meds may only lead to addiction. He used to talk to me about addiction too.

    1 year ago
    1. Sheila

      Carol, the Orthopedic surgeon you saw sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing what he taught you, it is very profound and helpful. Have a beautiful day! 🌷

      1 year ago
      1. c

        Yes and I’ve yet to find another one this caring or insightful.

        1 year ago
  10. Yram

    It is teaching me I am a spiritual being in a human body. My physical body is diminishing, my spiritual side is longing for attention.

    1 year ago
  11. Carla

    My body is teaching me it is beautifully made, from head to toes. This container isn’t permanent, i’m renting it until it’s time for me to become stardust again, how I began.

    1 year ago
  12. Carol

    My body is my home and I have not always treated it well.

    This question prompts me to share some Wisdom from Alan Watts
    Wisdom from Alan Watts
    “Well,” you ask.
    “How do I get rid of it?”
    And my answer to that is:
    That’s the wrong question.
    How does one get rid of what?
    You can’t get rid of your hallucination of being an ego by an activity of the ego.
    Sorry, but it can’t be done . . .
    If you try to get rid of your ego with your ego you will just end up in a vicious circle.
    You’d be like somebody who worries because they worry because they worry.

    On EGO
    I find that the sensation of myself as an ego inside a bag of skin is really a hallucination. What we really are is, first of all, the whole of our body. And although our bodies are bounded with skin, and we can differentiate between outside and inside, they cannot exist except in a certain kind of natural environment. Obviously a body requires air, and the air must be within a certain temperature range. The body also requires certain kinds of nutrition. So in order to occur the body must be on a mild and nutritive planet with just enough oxygen in the atmosphere spinning regularly around in a harmonious and rhythmical way near a certain kind of warm star.
    That arrangement is just as essential to the existence of my body as my heart, my lungs, and my brain. So to describe myself in a scientific way, I must also describe my surroundings, which is a clumsy way getting around to the realization that you are the entire universe. However we do not normally feel that way because we have constructed in thought an abstract idea of our self

    1 year ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      Thank you Carol for the insight.

      1 year ago
  13. Rabbit

    My body tells me that I am aging, aging brings health problems, and that time is fleeting and precious.

    1 year ago
  14. Nannette

    I am learning that I am getting older. I look in the mirror and I somehow don’t see “me” as I know me. I have aches and pains and I don’t have the stamina that I once did. I have to learn to go slower and then maybe I will go furthur. I am leaning very slowly that I need to take care of this body that was given to me …for I know not how long I am here for. This journey of getting old…has lots of lessons that I need to listen to.

    1 year ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      Dear Nannette,
      When I catch my reflection in the pick-up or a car window, I ask myself “Who is that old man looking at me?” A few months shy of 66 and the aging process has to accepted. The difficult thing is that I am still looking out of eyes that think their 25!

      1 year ago
  15. sunnypatti

    That it needs proper care at all times – food, water, movement, rest and meditation. I had slacked off a little on the movement part, and after a short yoga session last night, I realized how much I truly need to get my routine back in order.

    1 year ago

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