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  1. Robin Ann

    My son inspires me. I am so proud of him! He barely graduated HS, graduated late and now working for Boston Scientific making 6 figures at age 30.
    He has a vision and goals and I am happily along for the ride! He thanks me all the time for helping him along his journey : )

    8 months ago
  2. Don Jones

    I am about to set off for a long drive – just Bella (my dog) and me. It is just time away to clear my head, a change of scene for a week or so. No real plans, just stopping where we stop. It has been a really tough few months, so it is a spare of the moment decision. Autumn has just started here, and it is a tussle between summer lingering and the cooler weather coming. Mentally though, I am feeling like a change of season, a new cycle and a new beginning. I am leaving today with the intention of being inspired.

    8 months ago
    1. Michele

      Safe travels Don:)

      8 months ago
    2. Carol

      Just go with the flow!

      8 months ago
    3. Joseph McCann

      Don may good fortune follow you on your trip.

      8 months ago
    4. Robin Ann

      Safe travels Don!

      8 months ago
  3. Maeve

    My younger friend who is pregnant with her second child in her 30’s, has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. On learning this, she immediately responded by changing her diet and eating completely healthfully. Her determination and success is inspiring to me.

    8 months ago
  4. Barb C

    Late last night I finished reading The Seed Keeper, by Diane Wilson. It’s a moving and personal story of the seed-gathering and planting practices of the Dahkota people, their removal from their lands in what is now called Minnesota (from their name for the river), and generations of the damage done by colonizer settler violence, removal, and disruption of their practices. That may sound more sad than inspiring, but it reinvigorated my commitment to growing our own food using heritage seed and making sure I continue to develop our yard into habitat for the kinds of creatures that lived here long before my people arrived. I have seeds ready to put in the ground to start my spring greens and my neighbor is going to give me plants her daughter started–I won’t waste what I already have on hand or reject generosity. But going forward I will take the time to save and share seeds.

    8 months ago
    1. Laura

      That book also affected me, Barb. We are so far removed from our food sources now.

      8 months ago
  5. Emmaleah

    All of the volunteers who signed up to help at the Community Workday at the non profit where I work. All of the people on this website and your reflections are an inspiration to me each day. Thank you. 🙏✨

    8 months ago
  6. luv-1-nutter

    I live 15 minutes away from the Pacific Ocean. I’m inspired by the margin between where the ocean waves crash up along the beach dry sand watching his waves received account exposing more of the dry sand trusting that there is a controller behind it all is time, nature, living beings, actions combine together to produce beautiful resonate sounds.

    8 months ago
  7. O.Christina

    It was an invitation to join in and be together with kindred hearts, meditating together, being together with many in one spirit, possibly even to being able to be of service for others and on such a beautiful event to be part of, too. May all creative inspiration in the participants arise, and may healing be.

    8 months ago
  8. Nannette

    My husband and I are in Jacksonville, Florida now- making our way back home to W.V. The campground we are staying in is on the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean. Yesterday, I felt so Blessed and inspired as I walked alone on the beach, the water was sparkling and the sun was shining on my face. I felt the Blessings of the world around me. I walked in the water along the way- so joyous and free…what a wonderful feeling. I am hoping to do that again today. Thankful that I can walk, thankful for another day….and so thankful for all of you and your daily thoughts- truly an inspiration that life is good.

    8 months ago
  9. Josie

    Today’s quote by Dogen is my on-going call these days…. “Since there is nothing but just this moment, the time-being is all the time there is.”

    8 months ago
  10. Yram

    All faithful caregivers! Those grieving over the loss of a child.

    8 months ago
  11. Rabbit

    The people I have met in cardio-rehab, both the people like me, who made it through surgery, and the caregivers who are so knowledgeable, kind, and caring. They are much like all of you. 💕

    8 months ago
  12. Carol

    This community is such an inspiring gift to me. So thankful for each and everyone of you. The caring and the sharing I have found here fill me with hope and give me strength. I am so blessed to have access to the Grateful Living site and especially the Daily Question community.

    I love today quote from Zen Master Dōgen. “Since there is nothing but just this moment, the time-being is all the time there is.” It reminds me that I am a “human ‘be’-ing” and how I choose to ‘be’ moment by moment is up to me!

    Here are a few more words of wisdom I found from the Zen Master Dogen on the Internet:
    “If you are unable to find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?” …
    “Do not be concerned with the faults of other persons. …
    “To study the Buddha Way is to study the self. …
    “A fool sees himself as another, but a wise man sees others as himself.”

    8 months ago
  13. Laura

    The birdsong in the morning as I leave for work, announcing not only the start of a new day but a new season for us all.

    8 months ago
    1. Maeve

      Me as well!

      8 months ago
  14. EJP

    Mud season, the return of robins, buds on the trees, the sun feeling warmer….all signs of spring’s arrival and I am so inspired to welcome this new season!!

    8 months ago
  15. Antoinette

    The people all around me who each day get up and show up! Thank you for being here!

    8 months ago
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