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  1. Annie

    Each day as soon as I wake I tell Jesus I want to do everything ONLY in His will. I try to spend time in prayers every day around 3pm. But if that time doesn’t work I manage to find another time. Now if I could only get into a dally exercise routine…God knows I need to 🙂

    12 months ago
  2. KC

    Gosh – so many … drinking coffee or tea, reading, writing, drawing, meditation, yoga, walking, listening to or playing music, dancing, hiking… being in and connecting with the natural world… especially when I am mindful and grounded/ rooted. Also connecting with a person or group that I feel comfortable, connected and safe with .

    12 months ago
  3. Kylie Watson

    I like cleaning my space, lighting a candle, and reading a book. This helps me reset my energy and focus on the present moment

    12 months ago
  4. Linda

    When I notice that my neck is sore and my shoulders are up around my ears (!) I take a breath, relax my shoulders, and notice what is around me. Even as a retired person I still carry stress in the same areas I did when I was working. Go figure…

    12 months ago
  5. Hot Sauce

    For now, I would say my main spiritual practice is finding the things I love most and doing them.

    12 months ago
  6. Don Jones

    There is a voice – like you see at the tennis… the umpire says just before service, “quiet please”. Then I wait and see what shows up.

    12 months ago
  7. pkr

    My morning practice is what keeps me grounded. I meditate, pray, read spiritual passages, come to this site for inspiration. I go to “First Sip”, a website, to read poetry. I practice yoga daily & power walk almost everyday. I have also added a new one, writing in my “Five Minute Journal”, in the morning and at night. Writing in this journal has given me a focal point, badly needed after all the recent losses in my life.
    Happy Spring Sunday All.❤️🙏🐝🌼

    12 months ago
  8. Ed Schulte

    It is a Visualization meditation done facing the rising sun each morning, called “The Ray of Love” to refresh the Archangelic human form and promote maximum good health in all three bodies and radiate a White – Rosy light of love everywhere on earth, no exceptions

    12 months ago
  9. Mica

    A new one is to have music playing, louder or softer. Birthday mix cds from my daughter and yoga kirtan chant tapes.

    12 months ago
  10. sparrow

    . . . simple,
    mundane tasks,
    like washing the dishes,
    sitting in the garden doing quiet, steady weeding . . .
    nothing frenetic.
    These kinds of things
    bring me home . . .

    12 months ago
    1. pkr

      Sparrow, I find washing dishes very soothing & centering. I sometimes do my best thinking at the kitchen sink! I also find ironing very centering too, zen-like. Have a beautiful Sunday.🌼🐝🌸

      12 months ago
      1. sparrow

        dear pkr,
        zen-like . . .
        a beautiful Sunday to you as well.

        12 months ago
    2. alara

      Sparrow, you remind me of the words to the song by Michael Bublé. -Feeling Good.

      12 months ago
      1. sparrow

        12 months ago
  11. Charlie T

    I am only recently appreciating my rituals and how important they are to me. My morning coffee, Sunday bike ride, yoga, meditation, and visiting this site, are all things that I do for myself. I think of them more as routines or practices. They add some discipline and consistency to my life.
    I think communal rituals that mark seasons, events, and passages are something missing from my life.

    12 months ago
  12. Marnie Jackson

    Journalling, meditating, therapy….spaces where I can figure out what I am feeling, why I am feeling this and what situation in the past are these feelings reminding me of……this helps me then to understand my behaviour and align it with who I want to be….it is along process – but one that helps me feel more authentic to me

    12 months ago
  13. Dusty Su

    Yoga, a medative prayer like walk, journaling.
    Starting the day I ground with these three morning questions…
    What can I look forward to today?
    What has the potential to cause me stress today and how will I respond to it?
    How do I want to feel at the end of the day, and how do I make that a reality?

    12 months ago
    1. Pilgrim

      Dusty Su, thank you for this. If you don’t mind, I would also like to adopt these as morning questions.

      12 months ago
      1. Dusty Su

        Please do. I don’t remember where I got them from in the first place.

        12 months ago
  14. alara

    Shortly after I joined I started to partake in the ritual of The Angels of the Hour each day. Starting when I wake up during the night, then at sunrise, and the end of the day. I am gradually adding those other hours mentioned during the day.

    Word of the Day and the Daily Question have also become daily practices.

    The rituals have added a quality and richness that I never found in just intellectual searching.

    12 months ago
    1. alara

      I want to add that I am retired, live alone, and am 78 yrs, so I have the luxury of time. Also, I was drawn to the rituals which rather surprised me. But, then, much of my way of being over the past couple of years has surprised me.

      12 months ago
      1. sparrow

        Welcome to this space,
        dear alara…
        and thank you for reminding me
        of Angels of the Hours . . .
        looking forward to sharing your wisdom
        with love…
        sparrow ♥

        12 months ago
        1. alara

          Thank you, Sparrow, I do feel welcomed here.

          12 months ago
  15. Antoinette

    Meditation is my practice- ❤️🌻
    Happy Easter everyone!

    12 months ago
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