Gratefulness is there from the very beginning, because it is always a loving listening to whatever comes your way,
and if you lovingly listen to it, you are grateful for it.

~ Br. David Steindl-Rast

pink, orange, purple and green watercolor waves with a white circle in the middle

As you continue to practice listening with your whole body, experiment with fully allowing all that you take in. What’s here right now? Receive the signals and vibrations of your environment fully open to surprise – without judgment and without expectation. Once allowed, can you then welcome them, receiving them gratefully – as gifts? 

Embrace your open-heartedness as a container for possibility. What are you awakened to through your attentive and appreciative presence? What might we hear anew and differently if we try to allow and welcome when we listen?

Deepening the Practice

In her TED Talk, How to Truly Listen, deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie invites us to think about not only the different ways we can hear music but also the importance of listening deeply to one another, to “really use our bodies as a resonating chamber, to stop the judgment.” 

Should you be inspired, please leave a reflection below…

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Enjoy the full seven-day Listen practice.