Listen to your heart and trust the direction you are being pulled.
Something inside you already knows what to do.

~ Spring Washam

mint green, pink, and yellow watercolor design with small white heart in upper left corner

Art by Geordanna Cordero

Moving through your day with the whole-bodied receptivity cultivated in the previous days of practice, notice what arises for you: What questions, thoughts, emotions, and ideas surface? Notice how you react to particular situations. Do you feel pulled or moved – physically or emotionally – in any particular direction? Honor these inward responses as calls of the heart. 

To tap in more deeply, you might place your hand on your heart and tune in to its vibration. Listening to the life around you, listen to the life within you. Listen to and with your heart. What truths do you hear? How might the voicing of your heart be a source of inner guidance as you navigate the world?

Deepening the Practice

Parker Palmer has spent decades exploring what it means to listen to our own hearts and be guided by what we hear – as a pathway to discerning what we are called to do in the world and how to live a wholehearted life.  Enjoy Maria Popova’s beautiful exploration of Parker Palmer’s call to listen to our own hearts.

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Enjoy the full seven-day Listen practice.