you bless us with kitchen
noises — with the sound of
chopping carrots, the rumbling
from washing pots and pans, the
clinking of silverware, the clang of
glass on glass, the whistling of the
teakettle, and all the homey rattle
and clatter produced by preparing
food and washing dishes. May I
drink deeply from the blessing of
being at home that rings in these
sounds and make all whom I meet
today feel a bit more at home
in the world.

Sense how it feels to honor the sounds of a well-used kitchen. When we tune in to the sounds of the everyday activities that nourish us, we expand our ability to experience life as abundant, which in turn fuels us to nourish the lives of others.

“May this patchwork quilt of blessings help to sharpen your taste for the gift of life in its innumerable facets,” Br. David writes. “May you grow ever more blessed, ever more able to bless.”

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