Go gently today, don’t hurry
or think about the next thing. Walk
with the quiet trees, can you believe
how brave they are—how kind? Model your life
after theirs. Blow kisses
at yourself in the mirror
especially when
you think you’ve messed up. Forgive
yourself for not meeting your unreasonable
expectations. You are human, not
God—don’t be so arrogant.
Praise fresh air
clean water, good dogs. Spin
something from joy. Open
a window, even if
it’s cold outside. Sit. Close
your eyes. Breathe. Allow
the river
of it all to pulse
through eyelashes
fingertips, bare toes. Breathe in
breathe out. Breathe until
you feel
your bigness, until the sun
rises in your veins. Breathe
until you stop needing
to be different.

Posted by permission of the poet.
Photo by Les Anderson/Unsplash.

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Julia Fehrenbacher

Julia Fehrenbacher

About the author

Julia Fehrenbacher is a poet, author, life coach, teacher, regular practicer of yoga, and a sometimes-painter. She is most at home by the ocean and in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, and with pen and paintbrush in hand. Whether through her writing, classes, or one-on-one coaching, her greatest passion and purpose is to support others in dissolving the barriers they have built within themselves, and back toward their truest, most awake and alive heart-centered home.