Explore the relationship between trust and gratefulness through this curated collection of resources.

dark red flower

Trusting Life

by Br. David Steindl-Rast, OSB
Q: Life has handed me some very trying times lately. I have just been laid…

Staying Curious

by Rose Zonetti
When we allow a calling whimsical or deep to take us, we revere the underlying…

Digging Deeper

For continued exploration of cultivating trust, dive into these additional resources..

Hand holding up a piece of yellow sea glass to the light

in praise of i don’t know

by Maya Stein
Mostly, what washes up at the beach isn’t whole, though our eyes are peeledfor the…

Trust in Love

by Green Renaissance
“It’s time to put the fear down and to pick up the heart and light…
Person lighting white candles lined up in a row in a windowsill

The Renewing Power of Ritual

by Fabiana Fondevila
While doing any activity we cherish or find significant, we can stop and ask ourselves:…
Woman's hand holding a shedded butterfly wing in her palm
Stories of Grateful Living

Gratitude for Shedding

by Alex Elle
In this story of Grateful Living, Alex Elle shares insight on how gratefulness relates to…
Woman sitting on a rock facing small hills in the distance

Seek Silence

by Green Renaissance
“Do not fear silence, make peace with silence, for it is in the quiet moments…
A small backyard raised garden bed with herbs and lettuces
Community Reflections

Community Reflections: Seeds of Hope

by The Grateful Living Community
Our community reflects on the question “What seeds of hope am I actively planting and…