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Stories of Grateful Living

Gratitude Lists Didn’t Work For Me

by Andrea Gibson
In this Story of Grateful Living, Andrea Gibson shares their story of learning to be…
Woman looking off to the side while standing with her back facing a lake
Stories of Grateful Living

Holding Grief and Gratitude

by Alex Elle
In this Story of Grateful Living, Alex Elle reflects on experiencing gratitude amidst grief and…
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Stories of Grateful Living

Loss Gave Life to My Empathy

by Joe Primo, Grateful Living
In this story, Joe Primo, CEO of Grateful Living reflects on the sudden loss of…
Stories of Grateful Living

The Sound of Gratefulness

by Tiffani Martin
In this story of Grateful Living, Tiffani Martin reflects on discovering the power of sound…
A group of incarcerated men sitting at round tables in a large room for a painting class on gratefulness practices
Stories of Grateful Living

Unexpected Grace and Gratitude in Prison

by Brooke Rothshank
In this story of Grateful Living, studio artist Brooke Rothshank reflects on finding perspective and…
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Stories of Grateful Living

Gratefulness is a Full-Body Experience

by Julia Spangler
In this story of Grateful Living, Julia Spangler reflects on experiencing gratefulness through the body…
Woman's hand holding a shedded butterfly wing in her palm
Stories of Grateful Living

Gratitude for Shedding

by Alex Elle
In this story of Grateful Living, Alex Elle shares insight on how gratefulness relates to…
Margaret Alvarez of My Artsy Coach
Stories of Grateful Living

Connecting Gratitude and Creativity

by Margaret Alvarez
In this story of Grateful Living, Margaret Alvarez shares how her habit of writing gratitude…
Stories of Grateful Living

Cherishing a Patchwork of Potential

by Greg Corbin
My origin story begins in an under-resourced environment riddled with social challenges such as poverty,…
person walking over a yellow and blue heart on concrete ground
Stories of Grateful Living

Three Small Things I’m Grateful For

by Alex Elle
We don't need extraordinary things to happen to be grateful. Being alive is marvelous and…
Stories of Grateful Living

Falling Towards Home

by Eric Alan
Every life stream’s course always reaches its destination, however tumultuous its path along the way.…
Stories of Grateful Living

Iyore (I Return)

by Imuetinyan Ugiagbe
Here in our Stories of Grateful Living, we honor the voices of our community as…
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