Woman sitting on a bed with coffee and book of poetry


Poetry, with its impossible-seeming combination of soft lens and precision, brings to our awareness that which might otherwise go unnoticed and unappreciated. May these poems open your heart to the nuance and opportunity of each moment.

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Poems for Soft Hearts in Hard Times

by The Grateful Living Team
Time and again, we turn to the wisdom and comfort of poems when facing life's…
island shoreline with rocks and sand and bright blue water

cast away

by Aja Monet
i did not want to write a poem full of corpses so i wrote a…

Where I Found the Women

by Noelle Oxenhandler
Once in Spain a path led me through woods to a village of pink stone…

Prayer Flag Poems

by Hakim Bellamy
#7 This sound of children singing the sun up will shape every last Himalayan snowflake…

Mother, Washing Dishes

by Susan Meyers
She rarely made us do it— we’d clear the table instead—so my sister and I…


by Amy Fleury
Because one must be naked to get clean, my dad shrugs out of his pajama…

Gloria Mundi

by Michael Kleber-Diggs
Come to my funeral dressed as you would for an autumn walk in the woods.…
Landscape view of a dark blue ocean with waves across the center.

Ocean Love

by Carolyn Chilton Casas
Let me not forget to notice all the seasons of the ocean with an awe-filled…
A colorful quilt made of knotted cloth

Praise Song

by Elaine Handley
We are tattered bits of cloth looking for pattern in the dependable void. At dusk,…


by Hakim Bellamy
This sound of children singing the sun up will shape every last Himalayan snowflake echo…

Because This Is What Love Comes To

by Todd Davis
I brush away snow to watch the pulse of water beneath ice. We’re allowed to…
Field of multi-colored wildflowers


by Maya Stein
How to meet the grey turn of the forecast, the stutter of any new uncertainty.…
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