Wherever we look,
the chance for wonder. 
From my desk, I spy
two white-spotted, spindly-legged
fawns frolicking under the mulberries.
When I speak to them gently,
they rotate already-large radar ears
toward me in curiosity,
then bound off into the oaks
after their mother.
Oh, to live seeing everything
so new, inquisitive
about all earth’s inhabitants,
all earth’s smells,
imbibing leaf and fruit and petal,
learning what to trust
and what is best to leave be,
to have a free-flowing body
to experiment—
one that prances and sprints
across grassy hillsides            
and vaults over fenced orchards,
eyes drinking in the blue, blue sky.

Posted by kind permission of the poet.
Photo by Ken Goulding

The Ordinary is Extraordinary