The terrain of the body and mind offer us an infinite basis for practice and endless opportunities to evolve and awaken. Grateful Living helps to expand our perspective and brings many distinctions to the exploration of being with life as it is. It also helps us to orient toward greater acceptance, compassion, and curiosity — all invaluable qualities in cultivating a more unconditional state of well-being.

May this curated collection of poetry, reflections, stories, meditations, and more deepen your awareness of what is and nourish self-compassion.

man and small dog walking through small alley with faded orange walls covered in ivy and graffiti


by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
O body, cracked bell that still sings when struck, O leaky cup, O broken stem,…
A pine tree backlit by the rising sun with a pine forest, mountaintops and blue sky in the background

The Cure for It All

by Julia Fehrenbacher
Go gently today, don’t hurry or think about the next thing. Walk with the quiet…
Community Reflections

Community Reflections: Honoring Tenderness

by The Grateful Living Community
Compassionate action starts with seeing yourself when you start to make yourself right and when…

Qigong Meditation – Loving Messages to Your Body

by Master Mingtong Gu
In this video, Master Mingtong Gu guides a meditation offering acceptance, loving kindness, forgiveness, love,…
Stories of Grateful Living

Gratefulness Embraces Parkinson’s

by Tim Roberts
Gratefulness helps us return to ourselves, restoring our equilibrium and helping us to see beyond…
Grateful Changemakers

Grateful Changemakers: ChangingAging

by The Grateful Living Team
“All of ChangingAging’s performances, all of our advocacy, all of our innovation is driven at…

Grateful for Getting Older

by Kristi Nelson
Having a birthday offers me the welcome reminder that it is nothing short of a…

Can Gratitude Be Good for Your Heart?

by Greater Good Science Center
A new series of studies finds gratitude helps people with cardiovascular disease get healthier. Could…
Stories of Grateful Living

Slowing Down…Appreciating More

by Arthur Shirk
Slow down by half, and half again…Enjoy it twice as much. I walk Mario the…
Clay vessels in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes arranged outdoors

Being Grateful for the Body As It Is

by Kristi Nelson
This short practice attunes you to your body in its present state, shifts your attention…

Grateful Living: A Reflection

by Kristi Nelson
Experiencing cancer in her early 30s led Kristi Nelson to live “acutely,” and amplified grateful…

A Relationship of Compassion: Living Gratefully in the Body

by Mariah Fenton Gladis
If you have ever wondered what it means to live gratefully in the midst of…

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