December 7

How might I acknowledge the gifts of this day in the midst of the busiest moments?

24 Reflections
December 6

How have I been enriched by giving?

23 Reflections
December 5

What hopes or longings do I have for the coming year?

41 Reflections
December 4

What would change if I were to treat the “ordinary” aspects of my life as “extraordinary?”

20 Reflections
December 3

How am I in this moment?

26 Reflections
December 2

When was the last time I did something for the first time?

51 Reflections
December 1

To whom or what can I give my wholehearted attention today?

36 Reflections
November 30

What have I done recently that has required courage?

66 Reflections
November 29

What experiences in my life have strengthened my capacity to adapt and grow in the face of challenges?

39 Reflections
November 28

What am I called to do when I live gratefully? Why might it matter?

29 Reflections
November 27

What “limiting beliefs” do I wish to move beyond? What might help me do this?

19 Reflections
November 26

How does gratitude help me to see the good in the world?

21 Reflections
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