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Allow yourself to take a deep breath and become fully present to life exactly as it is right now — wherever you are, however you are. Honor the great fullness of your heart and all that it may be holding.

Inhale, and exhale.

Connect with your breath. The heartbeat of your life. Life is streaming toward you and through you in every moment and every breath you take. As Brother David says, “It is enough to be grateful for the next breath.”

Life is a gift. When you greet each moment gratefully, you are always receiving.

There is no need to wait for anything in order to be grateful. Just let yourself notice. Even when you first wake up, before anything happens, note the gifts already available to you. No matter how you might feel, there is so much you are able to count on. All that is given. So much unfolding in service of life — your life — in every moment. Your breath, your extraordinary body, the air, the Earth’s plenty, the sun that rises and sets every day. Even if you feel lacking, there is so much that you are receiving at all times. People everywhere whose love and labor sustain you, who make the blessings of life available to you. Food, transportation, electricity, technology, warmth.

So many people would’ve given anything to have one more day to experience. Just one more day to wake up. A day just like this day, even with its challenges. Open your heart to feel life as a gift, this day as given to you. Each passing moment of this day unpromised and precious. Can you connect with the many ways that life is providing for you? Can you let yourself notice what you can be grateful for in this very moment?

Life is a gift. When you greet each moment gratefully, you are always receiving.

Practice noticing and appreciating what you are receiving from life, and as you may your way through this day, try sating thank you in the moment, to the moment. Become aware of all the ways you are receiving. All the things you are receiving. Open your heart. Open your senses. Let the great fullness of your heart guide you.

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